Danai Herbs

Acacia Tree Bark               چھال کیکر

Acacia Tree Bark چھال کیکر

Description:Acacia, Babul, Arabica/Chaal Kikar (چھال کیکر) is a shrub-like tree that has sharp thorn..

RS 100.00

Almond Straw	کھلی بادام

Almond Straw کھلی بادام

Explanation: Almonds are the edible seeds of Prunus dulcis, mor..

RS 125.00

Alum	پھٹکری سفید

Alum پھٹکری سفید

Explanation: Alum/Phitkari Safaid, Fitkari Safaid (پھٹکری سفید) any of a group ..

RS 108.00

Areca Nut	چکنی سپاری

Areca Nut چکنی سپاری

Explanation:Areca nut(چکنی سپاری)  is the seed of the fruit of the areca palm. It is also known..

RS 100.00

Arjuna Bark ارجن کی چھال

Arjuna Bark ارجن کی چھال

Explanation:Arjuna Bark / Arjun Ki Chaal (ارجن کی چھال) also known as Terminalia Arjuna,Here we are ..

RS 100.00

Arugula Seeds  تخم تارا میرا

Arugula Seeds تخم تارا میرا

Explanation:The Arugula seeds/Tukhm-e-Tara Mera (تخم تارا میرا) is also known as Eruca Sativa.A..

RS 100.00

Australian Pine Tree Fruit	مائیں خوردو

Australian Pine Tree Fruit مائیں خوردو

Explanation:Australian pine tree/Mae Khurdo (مائیں خوردو is a plant indigenous to the tropical and w..

RS 100.00

Axle Wood Flower	گل دھاوا

Axle Wood Flower گل دھاوا

Description:Axle Wood Flower (گل دھاوا) is a large tree growing in the plains and dry mountains..

RS 160.00

Babchi	بابچی

Babchi بابچی

Explanation:The Psoralea Corylifolia, also known as Babchi (بابچی)which has since long been used in ..

RS 175.00

Babool Gum	گوندببول

Babool Gum گوندببول

Explanation:Acacia tree commonly known as Babool gum / Gond Babool (گوند ببول) is a medici..

RS 2,000.00

Badhari Qand	بدھاری قند

Badhari Qand بدھاری قند

Explanation:Badhari Qand  (بدھاری قند) is a root of a tree and have different shapes and sizes...

RS 80.00

Barley	جو

Barley جو

Explanation:Barley/Joo (جو) also known as Hordeum Vlgare, is a major cereal grain. Th..

RS 95.00

Beleric	بہیڑہ

Beleric بہیڑہ

Beleric (بہیڑہ) is also known as Bastard Myrobalan, Terminalia Bellirica. It is laxative in nature a..

RS 1,000.00

Betel Nut Flower	گل سپاری
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